Travel documents:

You will receive the travel info and description of the tour after complete payment in electronic form per E-mail.
All further documents like vouchers for hotels & transfers, baggage loops, maps of some of the towns along your tour as well as the travel info and description of the tour in printed form will be deposited for you at the first hotel of your tour.

Travel insurance:
Please consider the option of coverage of paid amounts in case of cancelation or abort of travel. Please contact Europäischen Reiseversicherung AG ( directly. Please consider that cancellation fees for a booked travel insurance are 100% from the moment of booking. We choose our travel destinations to the best of knowledge, yet we can’t rule out short term incidents. In cases of crisis respectively emergency situations we keep – for lack of legal regulation – to the Austrian regulation of free cancellation of travel if Austrian State Department declares an explicit travel warning for the country you’d be travelling to. All other cases apply to our travel terms and conditions. As of July 1st 2018 regulations according to “Package-Holiday-Law” apply.