Be prepared for every weather!



  • Sun screem
    - Sunglasses
    - Sun screem
    - possibly wear a bandana under your helmet
  • T-shirt to change 
    - Swimming gear
    - Swimming trunks
    - Towel
  • Stay hydrated (recommendation: 0.5 l per hour)


  • “Layered clothing”
    - better wear multiple thin layers of clothing than one thick layer
  • Shorts and trousers/pants
    - (tip: zip-off pants)
  • Windstopper
    - Sweater / jacket / rain coat





  • Rain coat or poncho
  • Water-resistant shoes or rain cover for shoes (you may also use plastic bags)
  • Rain trousers/pants
  • Rain cover for your helmet
  • Waterproof gloves

Sleet shower

  • Layered clothing: wear multiple thin layers
  • Warm shoes or thick socks
  • Warm gloves
  • Rain trousers/pants
  • Bandana/scarf and/or thin helmet cap
  • Thermos flask to keep your drink warm

Weather can quickly and unpredictably change in the Alps. Therefore we recommend to bring a rain coat with you, even on sunny and warm days.

Reisegepäck - unsere Empfehlungen

Organisational issues

  • Carry your valid identification card with you at all times
    - keep a copy of your identification card at a separate place
  • Bank card / credit card / cash as needed
  • Mobil phone with working sim
    - Charging device for your mobile phone
  • Safe important phone contacts to your mobile phone (or take a note with you)
    - Contact details of your bank
    - Insurance policy number
    - Hotline of you mobile phone provider
    - "Touro phone“ hotline of your tour operator  (INNTOUR: 0043 660 21 44 660)
    - Important contact details of your travel partner(s), your travel group, your tour guide, etc.
    - European emergency number: 112
    - Emergency numbers of fire service, police and ambulance at the various countries can be found at the map booklet
  • List of accommodations, travel information and map booklet
  • Small first aid kit
  • Drinking bottle
  • Eenergy snacks (nuts, granola bars, dextrose,…)
  • Glasses
    - Sun glasses
    - Rreading glasses/contact lenses (spare glasses or spare contact lenses)
  • Pocketknife
  • Pen (list of addresses in case you’d like to send post cards)


Bicycle and accessories

(in case you bring your own bicycle)

  • Bicycle
  • Helmet
  • Bicycle lock (+key/spare key)
  • Repair kit and disposable gloves
  • Spare tube (make sure to bring the appropriate size)
  • Bicycle pump
  • Reflective jacket for Italy



  • Shorts and trousers/pants
  • Possibly sleeve extenders and gaiters
  • Cycling shorts and sportswear
  • Rain trousers/pants, waterproof rain/wind jacket
  • Sneakers/cycling shoes
  • Cycling gloves
  • Cycling helmet and/or thin helmet cap
  • Casual shoes/sneakers
  • Socks (also thick socks)
  • Underwear/sports underwear
  • T-shirts and/or short and long shirts
  • Sweater
  • Bathing togs
  • Night things
  • Toiletries


Travel medications

  • First aid kit
  • Dressing material and bandages
  • Iinsect repellent
  • Clinical thermometer
  • Disinfectant
  • Personal medicine



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