The Via Claudia Augusta - an imposing and historical long-distance Roman connection

subject to the ever-changing spirit of the ages

Historical Information

The Via Claudia Augusta owes its name to the Emperor Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, who, as part of his Augustan campaigns, had the alpine route of his father, Drusus, extended through the Alpine region. This created a main and resilient long-distance connection between the lagoon of Venice and the Roman province Raetia created on the Danube. The construction of this road, which is now 2,000 years old, is considered a true masterpiece of ancient engineering which, in addition to its military importance, subsequently also enabled lively trade with distant lands. A lively infrastructure was established along the route. From the military supply stations, strategically important towns and cities were formed, whose historical importance is still reflected today.

Angebote für Ihre Radreise am Fernradweg Via Claudia Augusta

Radreise Via Claudia Augusta

Via Claudia Augusta "Altinate"

- the Original

from Donauwörth to Quarto d'Altino/Venice

Germany | Austria | Italy

Stretch trip           705 | 715 Rad-Kilometer
Travel time            14 Tage | 13 Nächte

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Radreise Via Claudia Augusta

Via Claudia Augusta from Augsburg

- our classics

from Augsburg to Alto Adige/Italy

Germany | Austria | Italy

Stretch trip           from 425 cycling kilometres
Travel time            from 8 days

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Radreise Via Claudia Augusta

Via Claudia Augusta

- from Füssen

... to the cultural area of South Tyrol and Italy

Germany | Austria | Italy

Stretch trip           from 240 cycling kilometres
Travel time            from 6 days

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Abwechslungsreise Radreise Via Claudia Augusta

Via Claudia Augusta

- from Bolzano 

... to the mediterranean Quarto d'Altino/Venice


Stretch trip           from 260 cycling kilometres
Travel time            8 days | 7 nights

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