The Via Claudia Augusta

A general itinerary-description 

About 2000 years ago the adopted son of imperator Augustus, General Drusus realized over his military career the significance of well-maintained and quickly passable transport routes from the northern Roman provinces to the Mediterranean.

For that reason it was more than necessary to build a pass road to link the northern and southern parts of the empire divided by the Alps. The Via Claudia Augusta, completed within 60 years, is an exemplary sample of Roman construction and a masterpiece of antique engineering. With this road, the Romans had built the first proper mountain road across the Fern Pass and the Reschen Pass.

Nowadays the Via Claudia Augusta enables cyclists to experience a unique and stunning crossing of the Alps and to get to know the most beautiful sides of the former Roman domain. And thanks to organized transfers across the two passes you can do so without too much effort. Of course, it's still your choice whether to use the transfers or to use your own muscle strength.

The variety of different landscapes along the Via Claudia Augusta and also the many options offered make this bicycle tour a unique adventure which you have to experience for yourself!

Most travel offers of the following document are offered as either „Classic“ or „Sporty“ variation. The defining difference between the two versions is that the „Classic“ variations include transfers across both the Fern Pass as well as the Reschen Pass while the „Sporty“ variations only include a shorter transfer across Fern Pass. Also the daily stages of the “Sporty” variations are a bit longer and also include some serious uphill riding.

We offer Augsburg, Füssen and Bolzano as tour starting cities on a weekly basis. In case you would like to ride the Via Claudia Augusta from the Danube to the Adriatic See we also offer Donauwörth as an additional starting point on selected dates.

Aside the tour ending cities of Bolzano, Verona and Quarto d'Altino which are actually part of the Via Claudia Augusta, we also offer to end your tour at Lake Garda (at Riva del Garda or Peschiera del Garda).

The tours mostly runs along paved cycling paths and rural roads as well as less travelled back roads and village roads. Mainly on the northern part of the Via Claudia Augusta the paths can be on gravel some times. On the southern part, shortly before Feltre as well as in the area of Ponte della Priula (shortly before Treviso), you have to ride approx. 6 km on a well frequented road both times.

There are numerous signposts along the tour from the north down to Verona or also to Lake Garda. Between Feltre and Quarto d'Altino the official signposts are quite rare but especially in that area as well as along the whole tour, you can easily find the track with our own signs (you will read more about that after having booked) and therefore you can enjoy the surroundings and variation in landscapes.

We hope you enjoy „studying“ the following offers and would be happy to „go along with you“ along the Via Claudia Augusta and help you with our services.

Changes and errrors expected.
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