The unparalleled jewel, “Water“

The natural course of the Inn river continuously tells us a story of its interaction between nature and the human race—from its origin all the way to its mouth. Over centuries, the Inn river was forced to submit itself to the human desire to alter and control its natural characteristics. But mother nature knew how to defend herself and took back her natural expanse piece by piece.
In the past years, humans have had a change of mind and have given the dominating waters its crucial natural course back which has resulted in the return of sand and gravel banks, providing a perfect stomping ground for a variety of native wildlife.
The hundreds of kilometers that the Inn river lays down—from its origin in Lunghin Lake above Maloja Pass to its end in the Donau (Passau, Germany)—goes from playful splashing from Engadin (En=Inn) to an elegantly powerful current, which has shaped the nearby inhabitants from the very beginning.
The bike trail along the Inn river offers you plenty of views of the river with rides directly along the river but leaves the river from time to time to take you through tranquil places or through the fields and fruit plantations in the Tirolean highlands.
You will be left impressed with this natural spectacle!

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