Often you have to be strong if you want to change something.
But sometimes you have to be even stronger to accept it how it is!



Under this motto, we are currently observing the spread of COVID-19 diseases across Europe and the World and the resulting regulations and restrictions also with regard to travel options.
Worldwide, social and economic life is now being successively reduced to a minimum in order to counteract the further spread of the corona virus. 

The measures taken are certainly for everyone's benefit, but what does this mean for your already booked bike tour or for your desire to book a bike tour with us this summer?

Our preparations for the approaching cycling season were already in full swing and nearly complete, when we were suddenly interrupted. We want to do everything we can to cope with this extraordinary time as a team and then - as soon as possible - to pedal hard with you again.

We are also extremely grateful that the state of Austria is offering us interim aid as a tourism company that has been severely affected by this crisis. If your trip is affected by travel warnings, please support us not by cancelling but by postponing a booked trip to a later date. Simply give us a new date that suits you - we will handle the rebooking in the usual friendly manner.

Since it is not yet possible to predict how long we will have to deal with the restrictions, we only have the possibility to wait patiently week after week and to review when already booked trips can take place as planned. Please read here what specific rebooking or cancellation options we can currently offer.

We all love and need rest. But at the moment we have to be patient to overcome this imposed “rest phase” as best we can. Please remain level-headed and look forward to the time when we can conquer the world again on our bikes!

... or in other words:

let's stay on the trail of nature!

Your INNTOUR team

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